Our Story

Mission Statement

Simeon Networks is a managed IT and cybersecurity firm established to improve the relationship employees have with IT by methodically applying simple best practices and strategies.

Our Story

Simeon Networks was started in 2018 by Todd Crane to fill two desperate need he saw in small and medium sized businesses around him, bad technology and the lack of cyber fundamentals.

Bad Technology

Bad Technology, as Todd called it, was technology hardware and software that was dificult to use, prone to errors, and forgotten by management. Examples included line-of-business accounting software that would take a whole second to load after every click and had no way to go back if you made a mistake. He noted other cases where people be forced to enter data into one system, then go and the same data over in another system. Other times, he watch people people resort to pen and paper and sticky notes because the technology was just to hard to use. Often times, employees in these situations just accepted it because they had no idea that it could be better.

Lack of Cyber Fundamentals

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